Uniao Dos Ventos 12-13-14 and Parazinho

Diseño y certificación de torres.

Creación de manuales y procedimientos de fabricación y montaje.

Asesoramiento técnico durante fabricación y montaje de las torres.

Hub height

120 meters

Wind turbine

G114/2.1 MW & G114/2.65 MW

Number of towers

54 towers

Year of Construction


Tower Type

Full-Concrete Tower / Tower Design: WINDTECHNIC



Local Partnership

The 54 concrete towers in these two wind farms, located close to Parazinho and Pedra Grande, are 120 meters high and support 31 Gamesa G114-2.10 MW wind turbines and 23 Gamesa G114-2.65 MW wind turbines.

The tower design, as well as its internal elements, was fully developed by WINDTECHNIC based on a previously certified generic tower design for 2.00-3.00 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 120 meters.

WINDTECHNIC also created manuals and the quality control system for all processes and operations, such as the reception of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, assembly and maintenance.

During the execution of the wind farms developed by the Serveng Group, WINDTECHNIC’s technical consulting services were hired to supervise the manufacturing and assembly of the towers.

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