Cabezo Negro, Jaulín, Alaiz, La Cámara and El Boyal




Hub height

120 meters

Wind turbine


Number of towers

9 towers

Year of Construction


Tower Type

Hybrid Tower / Tower Design: WINDTECHNIC



Local Partnership

In 2007, Gamesa selected Norten Eólica to build the precast concrete towers for one of the largest and most powerful wind turbines on the market at the time, the G10X-4.50 MW.

The first 82 meters of the 120-meter-high tower are made of concrete and the remaining top section is composed by two steel tubes. The production of the precast components was carried out in Alsasua (Navarre) at one of the factories belonging to the Norten PH group. Up to nine units of this tower were built for various wind farms located in Spain (in Zaragoza, Navarre and Malaga): Cabezo Negro (1 tower), Jaulín (1 tower), Alaiz (1 tower), La Cámara (4 towers) and El Boyal (2 towers).

This was the first project of WINDTECHNIC, a company first incorporated under the name Norten Eólica within the Norten PH group, that then embarked on its independent journey to expand into new markets.

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