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Our Services

Our concrete tower

Give me the place
to stand and wind,
and I shall energize the earth.

Lifting the wind turbines to the heights, the towers are the pillar that holds the promise of wind energy.

At WINDTECHNIC, we understand the importance of this fundamental structure and we are devoted to its continuous improvement, providing solutions perfectly adapted to each turbine, market, and project.

While steel towers have traditionally dominated the industry, concrete towers are rapidly gaining popularity due to their many benefits, attracting increasing attention in the sector.

Discover why our innovative proposal for concrete towers is revolutionizing the wind energy landscape:

Mature and reliable technology

No turbine height and power limitations

Easily scalable

Simple and short distance transportation

On-site production involving local communities

Less maintenance and greater durability

Lower carbon footprint

Experts in all types of concrete towers

WINDTECHNIC is positioned in the market as the one and only company with experience in the design and/or manufacturing of all types of existing concrete towers in the wind sector.


Precast with short segments

Precast panels

Precast with long segments and external post-tensioning

Precast with long segments and internal post-tensioning

Do you have a wind project in mind?

Our team of experts in engineering and construction of concrete towers is always ready to offer customized and sustainable solutions adapted to your needs.