Technical Support

Technical Support

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Our years of experience providing quality inspection and supervision services, backed by our IPE certifications, makes us as the perfect ally to guarantee the success of your project.

We provide on-site and remote technical support throughout all project stages. Additionally, we offer management of local supplier network development, and monitoring and inspection of the towers during their operational life.

Quality control

Since its creation, WINDTECHNIC has prioritized Quality, integrating it into every process.

Our services range from the preparation of quality documentation to its control and validation during manufacturing and assembly of the towers.

Our goal is to ensure that each tower meets the highest quality standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Technical support during tower construction

We have international experience in manufacturing and assembly of concrete wind towers supported by several inspection certificates (IPE).

Our engineers have managed several precast plants all over the world, guaranteeing quality and compliance with the highest standards.

We provide technical support in all project phases, from the selection and approval of local manufacturers to the validation of the correct installation of the towers.

production control

We have knowledge and extensive experience in manufacturing of the molds required to cast the tower concrete segments.

Our team of experts work closely with suppliers, providing technical guidance and applying rigorous quality controls at every stage of the process.

Our goal is to ensure, during mold production, optimal quality and compliance with the standards, allowing the construction of robust and reliable concrete towers.


We value the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our experts train local personnel at every stage of the wind tower construction process.

We are committed to ensuring a fast and fluid learning process, transferring our knowledge and experience to achieve shared success in each project. We work closely with our local partners, providing support and advice on best practices and techniques.

Our dedication to knowledge transfer guarantees the construction of high-quality towers and the development of local skills in the wind energy sector.

Tower inspection


We are also committed to maintaining the quality and safety of the concrete towers during their operational lifetime.

Our inspection services include the detection and exhaustive analysis of possible defects that may arise in the structures during operation.

Our team of experts carefully analyzes the results of the performed inspections, combining them with the load history of the tower. This allows us to evaluate the current state of the structure and estimate the remaining life accurately. We work rigorously and professionally, providing detailed reports and recommendations for corrective actions to ensure long-term structural integrity.

Do you have a wind project in mind?

Our team of experts in engineering and construction of concrete towers is always ready to offer customized and sustainable solutions adapted to your needs.