Manufacturing & assembly

Manufacturing & assembly

From the idea to the assembly of the concrete tower solution

We are proud to be your strategic partner for turnkey solutions of wind concrete towers.

Our comprehensive approach covers every phase of the project, from initial design to certification, manufacturing, and final assembly of the towers.

With the valuable experience gained over several years working on different types of concrete towers and in various international markets, we tirelessly dedicate ourselves to discovering and implementing the structure that best suits the specific needs of each client and each project.

We are committed to delivering optimized results that combine efficiency, reliability, and high performance to ensure the success of your wind project.


Local production is the key for guaranteeing cost competitiveness of precast concrete towers. WINDTECHNIC devotes significant efforts to establishing and developing local partnerships around the globe.

The aim of this strategy is to develop a solid local network, in line with the distinctive features and requirements of each region. This way, the efficiency and cost competitiveness of the product is ensured, while maintaining its commitment to quality.

Our network of manufacturing partners

Expanding new horizons

If you are considering exploring a new market, we invite you to connect with us.

We may already be seeking new opportunities in your area of interest.

We adapt
to your needs

We understand that each project is unique and does not always require a turnkey solution. We are proud of our flexibility and capability to adapt to the specific demands of our clients.

We are not limited to our own tower designs, we do also enhance, manufacture, and install tower designs carried out by third parties. Our construction services can be divided into three key areas:

Manufacturing: We take care of the precise manufacturing of each precast component, while complying with the highest quality standards and adjusting to the provided design.

Transportation: We manage the safe and efficient transportation of each piece from the factory to the installation site, guaranteeing a smooth delivery process.

Installation: We have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out the installation of the towers. We are committed to meet established deadlines and customer expectations.

This way, we adapt to different needs, offering a complete service or participating in the specific phases required by the client.

Do you have a wind project in mind?

Our team of experts in engineering and construction of concrete towers is always ready to offer customized and sustainable solutions adapted to your needs.