Windtechnic will manufacture the concrete towers for three new wind farms in South Africa

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Windtechnic Engineering, a company specializing in the design and construction of precast concrete towers for wind turbines, will start the manufacture this summer of three new wind farms in South Africa. The company is currently in the process of implementing a new factory capable of producing up to 2.5 towers per week, which will create up to 400 new jobs, most of them benefiting local communities. Windtechnic Engineering was first incorporated under the name Norten Eólica within a leading company in the precast concrete sector in Spain, Norten PH. With more than 50 years of experience, and after developing and building a wide variety of different types of building and civil engineering structures (such as retaining walls, water tanks, stands and modular apartments), the company decided to capitalize on the significant growth in the wind sector to further diversify. After an initial research phase, in 2007, Gamesa selected Norten Eólica to build the precast concrete towers that would support one of the largest and most powerful wind turbines in the market at the time. In 2013, once it had acquired experience at the national level, and in view of the growing interest in the sector, the company ventured independently under the name of Windtechnic Engineering, with the goal of expanding into the international market by offering design and consulting services. Since then, the company has experienced continuous growth and is positioning itself as an international leader in the precast concrete wind towers sector, providing the design and construction of towers optimized to meet the needs of clients and projects. Windtechnic possesses more than 100 different tower designs and has built 700 towers for projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Achieving this impressive portfolio would not have been possible without the cooperation of local partners in certain countries, as exemplified in the project that it is currently carrying out in South Africa.

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Windtechnic will manufacture the concrete towers for three new wind farms in South Africa


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