About us

Our roots

Windtechnic was born under the name Norten Eólica, within the NortenPH group, a leading company in the precast concrete sector in Spain. During more than 50 years, a wide variety of structures were developed and built for the construction sector: retaining walls, water tanks, stands, modular apartments, etc.

In 2005, in its desire to diversify its business portfolio and given the opportunity to enter the wind sector, the first R&D activities on precast concrete towers for wind turbines began.

In 2007, Gamesa selected Norten Eólica to build the precast concrete towers that would support one of the largest and most powerful wind turbines in the world at the time, the 4.50MW G10X.

In 2013,once it had acquired experience at national level, and in view of the growing interest in the sector, the company ventured independently under the name of WINDTECHNIC Engineering, with the goal of expanding into the international market. Since its creation, WINDTECHNIC has been providing design, consultancy, and construction services worldwide under three fundamental premises: experience and flexibility of its team of engineers, its light structure to be competitive, and the cooperation with local partners.

Our Mission

Promote the transition towards a clean energy future through the development of sustainable precast concrete solutions.

Our vision

To become world-renowned leaders in design, manufacturing, and assembly of concrete structures for the wind energy sector, while promoting mass adoption of sustainable solutions and actively contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Our values


We work with dedication and precision to exceed expectations, provide exceptional value, and offer high-quality solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We invest in the development of more efficient solutions and processes, favoring the progress and growth of the wind energy sector.


We pursue carbon footprint reduction in all our designs and actions in order to leave a better planet in our legacy.


We keep our word and safety is our major commitment in all our projects. We work with a zero-accident policy, ensuring the execution of work in a safe and reliable manner.


Our team is our strength. We value and enhance human capital as our main asset.

Their high training, experience, and teamwork skills give us flexibility, agility and dynamism in all our operations.


We enter and provide services in new markets through strategic partnerships with local companies. We encourage collaboration and integration of local communities.

Our team is our strength

Álvaro Landeira Pereira

Managing Director

Xabier Maguregui Arias


Mikel Palomar Palacios

Engineering Manager

Pablo Gutierrez Vega

Process and Quality Manager

Amaia Martínez Martínez


José Madureira Dias

Factory Manager

Jokin Benavides


Our experience

Experience in 5 continents

Nearly 20 years of experience in the wind energy sector

More than 700 towers completed

More than 100 towers designed

Our network of manufacturing partners

Our design partners

Associations and collaborations

Our certificates

These certifications support our solid quality policy and our commitment to excellence in all our processes. We work constantly to meet the highest quality standards, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Do you have a wind project in mind?

Our team of experts in engineering and construction of concrete towers is always ready to offer customized and sustainable solutions adapted to your needs.